About UsIn conjunction with MVC Eye Care we will evaluate your child for vision problems that commonly affect the learning process. Our testing is a unique culmination of over 20 years of experience with children’s vision disorders. We will then develop a customized vision therapy program that incorporates all of the individual skills that are lower than expected on your child’s testing battery. We will slowly rebuild these fundamental skills with close supervision and procedures.

At Eye Q, we treat the root cause of the vision related learning issues rather than masking it or finding a way to work around the problem. Our success rate is over 90% for all of the visual conditions we treat.

One out of every six children is two or more grade levels behind in reading. Of these children, 80% have difficulty with control and processing of their vision. This is often overlooked in classrooms and at home. Most of what is learned in school comes through our sense of vision, so it makes sense that any small inefficiency or underdeveloped visual skill can interfere with academic performance.

If an athlete wants to improve their game skills, they practice, practice, practice. In the same way, we develop unique ways to “practice” those inefficient visual skills until they become automatic and natural. This translates to effortless viewing, tracking, teaming and processing of vision.

Our programs are personalized for your child depending on the severity of their condition, but can last between 3 months to 12 months. Our sessions are provided by a certified vision therapist and overseen by a doctor of optometry. Each session typically runs just under an hour and visits are usually performed once a week. Although there is always controversy surrounding any type of therapy, the literature is filled with research proving the effectiveness of vision therapy.