“Ian had delays in learning to read, eyestrain, loss of enthusiasm for reading and school. He had headaches, letter reversals, trouble copying from the board and was a very slow reader and processer. (Since the completion of the program) he has no eyestrain, he’s made progress with reading (faster more accurate), he’s more interested in reading and has less self-esteem issues at school. He’s doing much better and doesn’t feel “stupid” all the time.”

“I had double vision almost constantly. It was difficult to drive- everything looked like I was driving on waves. I was tired, dizzy and nauseated. I am now able to read and do things close up (putting on makeup, etc.) without double vision or dizziness. I am able to concentrate and get work done without feeling sick. I am able to look people in the eye when in conversation. Additionally, I am less tired and sick”

“In 2nd grade the school’s visiting OD identified a problem, we waited for it to start affecting her at school. It did not, but, the problem got worse and headaches started to happen frequently (and) she had double vision. (After completing therapy) A.M. no longer experiences headaches or double vision. I like that both the doctor and therapist made A.M. feel important and that she understood what was going on. A.M. Will very much miss her therapist- her kindness, patience and very kid friendly manner was very much appreciated. Therapy through fun and games was a great experience for her. I was skeptical at first because I was not part of the therapy…I’d recommend new patients/parents to just trust the process… because it works!”

– A.M.

“I.D. was having trouble with eye strain, occasional headaches and focus. School was not a positive experience as he had difficulty with reading comprehension, often skipping words and entire lines of text. Since I.D. has completed therapy he is excited about learning; he is making significant improvement in his skills boosting his confidence and ability. He is able to read, follow and comprehend text on grade level. I.D. feels his soccer skills have also been helped by his sessions.

I.D.’s confidence in his ability to complete assignments has decreased his dependency on assistance from adults. He can work independently with less frustration and is much more positive about school. His therapist’s warm and welcoming nature made I.D. feel very comfortable. She was able to get I.D. to complete sessions while having fun even when he started out tired and reluctant.”

– I.D.

“T.S. had issues with tracking and concentrating on reading and writing assignments. He also flipped letters. (Since the completion of therapy), T.S. is enjoying reading now. Where he would refuse to read before, now he will actively seek out a book to read. His writing and concentration has improved dramatically. T.S. hated school (before therapy), especially homework, reading and writing. Now he enjoys going to school and reading books to find information. He still doesn’t like homework, but I’m pretty sure it’s not due to eye issues! We don’t have the major battles to do school work like we used to. T.S.’s therapist was always so cheerful and is interested in T.S. other than just therapy. She makes the therapy fun and T.S. looked forward to going. Eye Q has dramatically changed T.S.’s attitude toward school, reading and writing. He really enjoys reading now and his teachers have noticed a major difference. Eye Q is great!!”

– T.S.