If you believe a student of yours may be having difficulties with tracking, eye teaming, focusing or processing and remembering visually presented material they are an excellent candidate for our vision therapy program. We understand that a direct referral may not be possible due to a financial burden that may result; therefore we recommend that teachers in this position make a general referral to a “behavioral optometrist” via the doctor locator found at the following website: CLICK HERE

All of the doctors listed on this site are qualified to diagnose and make direct referrals for vision therapy services.

We are happy to supply you with a copy of our report and are available for consultation regarding any students who may have an IEP or 504 plan.

In general, we have found that school based “vision specialists” are trained to work with meeting the needs of children with severe visual disorders and low vision. It is not common to find a vision specialist in the school system who can provide vision therapy, nor have we found it possible to “train” a school OT or teacher to provide these services in the limited time you already have with your students. Getting these services outside of school has worked well for many years and the referral process above outlines the best way to insure that a parent finds the best type of provider who understands the relationship between vision and learning.