Neuro-rehab Therapy Is Effective!

Our TherapyVision therapy is used to help patients with their visual skills and abilities. It helps them interpret visual information.

Though eyeglasses are important to help our patients see clearly, there are times when people need more help to understand what they are seeing. Therapy is very helpful to make sure that our patients are seeing as well as they can be. Therapy makes the connection between the eyes and brain stronger.

The goal of therapy is to work on several things. We work on eye movement and how the eyes work together. We help your eyes focus. We also work on eye-hand coordination, among other things.

Vision therapy is very individualized. After completing the testing, we will be able to determine where you need help. At that point, we will come up with a therapy plan to make sure that your eyes are working properly. Most people need to come to our office one or two times a week, though we may send you home with some things to work on while you’re away from our office.

The Effectiveness Of Therapy:
Below are links to research articles that prove the effectiveness of this type of therapy

Research and Clinical Studies on Vision, Learning and Optometric Vision Therapy (OVT). Click here to download the complete summary of research.

Mayo Clinic researchers, part of nine-site NEI/NIH study, release findings.

National Eye Institute (NEI/NIH) reports:

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Reduced Daily Eye Patching Effectively Treats Childhood’s Most Common Eye Disorder

Vision and Learning